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I have a heart problem since I was born and I have had a number of operations on it since. Last week I went again 2 have another operation. I really just want to say that it has helped me 2 no that i can talk 2 others who r just lyk me.

I Have Had A Heart Condition Since I Was Born, Ive Had 2 Heart Operations Already, I Had A Scan On The 23rd May And I Was Getting Worried Because I Have Anorexia And With Me Having That I Thought I Did Damage To My Heart But When I Spoke To The Doctors They Said My Hearts Doing Fine Which Am So Glad Of The Good News.

i am david on 3rd of july 1996 2:16(the day i was born) i had to be rushed to hospital in birmngham
because of a very serious heart condition and i have been having checkups since then at pendelbury childrens hospital i am 12 years old and am a proud supporter of the mighty shakers(bury f.c)

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